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eDiscovery for Attorneys

Delarman is your full-service technology partner with extensive experience serving attorneys in the initial phases of litigation.

We never power down! You can always rely on delivering an experience to remember.

Experts in Industry


E-discovery is used in the initial phases of litigation when involved parties are required to provide relevant records and evidence related to a case. E-discovery can be conducted offline on a specific computer, or it can be done on a network

Data Collection

We offer professional data collection services to help you manage the e-discovery process. Our team of experts can collect data from a variety of sources, ensuring that all relevant information is gathered quickly and accurately. We use the latest data collection techniques and technologies to ensure the highest quality of service.

Digital Data

eDiscovery is a critical service for any organization, allowing for the retrieval of electronically stored information for legal cases. With eDiscovery, digital data can be electronically searched versus paper documents, which must be reviewed manually. Digital data contains valuable metadata, including timestamps, file properties, and information on the author and recipient, making it difficult or impossible to completely destroy.

We respect our clients and their privacy. Please contact us so that we may share our experience, projects, and accomplishments with clients who have similar businesses to yours. 
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