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Cloud Computing

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing means that instead of all the computer hardware and software you're using sitting on your desktop or somewhere inside your company's network, it's provided for you as a service by another company and accessed over the internet, usually in a completely seamless way. Exactly where the hardware and software is located and how it all works doesn't matter to you, the user—it's just somewhere up in the nebulous "cloud" that the Internet represents.


What is Computer Security?

It’s a dangerous world out there in the World Wide Web. Just as your mother may have told you to never talk to strangers, the same advice holds true for the virtual world. You may know to be wary of giving strangers your business bank account details. But can you be sure the website you’re logging into is that of your bank and not a forgery created by a cybercriminal? Cybercriminals use many different methods to lure you into parting with your confidential personal or business information. As a small company doing business on the web, you need to be aware of these methods so you can be extra vigilant when online.


Why is Mobility important?

Mobility is the fastest growing sector in computer technology, today from small business to enterprise is dependent on their workforce mobility and product such as IPhone or android are design to give the use both personal information such as social media as well and intergrade the security and enterprise applications such as CRM or Corporate email and information access. Delarman has position our strategy to support and educate our clients to setup their mobile and mobility environment from the backend of security access setup to protecting user and corporate information and support our clients to choose the right products such as phone that offer the result they need for receiving information on their phone. 

1. Managed IT Solutions

2. Web Developments

3. Hosting & Cloud Computing

Web Business Solutions

Delarman is a full content business application and portal designer.  Our expert engineers put the right operational tools in the hands of your users.


Cloud Computing


Delarman is Specialized in removal and repair of your computer in the areas of:

  • Malware

  • Computer virus

  • Rogue security software

  • Trojan horse

  • Malicious spyware

  • Computer worm

  • Botnet

  • Spam

  • Phishing

  • Rootkit


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